Lots Of Help For Port St. Lucie Property Owners

If you live around the Port St. Lucie area, and you need a little renovation for your home or property, take a look at the flooring options that All Star Carpet and Tiles can provide for you.

We don’t just deal in one kind of specific flooring – our catalog is broad and diverse. Where we have different kinds of tile like travertine tile and more, we also have many different kinds of carpet, such as Berber carpet and thin utilitarian carpeting that won’t wear as quickly in high-traffic areas.

You decide which is best for your floor, and we’ll get to work removing the old stuff and putting the new stuff in place. In the end, you’ll see the quality that we put into each job and the stellar result that you’ll encounter when you walk in the room.

Knowing the Port St. Lucie Area

We think it’s also important to have local contractors in this part of Florida.


When you look at the best properties in this local area, the most high-value properties and the ones that command the best prices on the market, you’ll see that they have something in common. They are built to withstand the storms and seasonal pressures of the Port St. Lucie climate.

Residents acknowledge the power of seasonal storms, because they see it with their own eyes. Forget the 100-year storm – Port St. Lucie property owners are used to seeing hurricanes and other storms batter the coast.

So local contractors will know how to address that in design choices for renovation or new construction. That’s an important part of customer service, but that’s not all that goes into it, either. There is the added professionalism of good communications, for instance, letting people know when somebody will be in the property, or being able to tarp properties for rain.

There’s scheduling, too, which is critically important, and some companies do it better than others. We make it our business to be where we are supposed to be on a given day, and to plan ahead. It’s a little more work, but a LOT more reward!

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service for customers who need work to be done right the first time, and on time. Take a look at the gallery and more for everything that we offer, and talk to us about a property makeover for your home. 


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