Vinyl Flooring: A Good Fit

One of the services that you’ll see prominently displayed on our website is our ‘vinyl plank installation’ or vinyl flooring service.

Many of our customers choose to get this type of synthetic surface for modern hardwood style flooring in an interior room or space that is in desperate need of an upgrade.

In fact, some apply it to an entire building’s floor plan to get the kinds of clean, fresh results that they want from a floor renovation!

However, these projects have to be done the right way to guarantee the quality that customers want. Here’s how we tackle these renovations. 


Tight to the Floor

One aspect of installing vinyl flooring correctly is to make sure that it’s sealed to the surface of what’s underneath it. That way there’s no slippage and no shoddy results. 

It’s appalling how often this principle is not followed by installers who have to come back and fix it again later.

This is a key part of installation – to make sure that there are no ridges or bubbles or other interruptions in a smooth, new-looking surface. This is where our expert crews shine!

Locked In: Vinyl Flooring and Hardware

Of course, every piece has to fit with every other piece, too. 

These types of vinyl flooring are made with features that allow for a seamless result, but proper installation is important.

Here again, it’s the skill and experience of the team that creates that perfect result.


Level and Smooth

In addition, vinyl flooring has to be able to resist warping and curling over time.

Small curls on the corners of a project can actually be dangerous for inhabitants. Bubbling or warping can cause serious problems with both aesthetic and functionality.

Part of the job is to assess the joists and underlying systems that will support a vinyl floor.

We excel in doing this in the Port St. Lucie area.

Our vinyl projects are excellent installations that you’ll be able to enjoy for a long time!

Of course, we do carpeting and tile, too, but vinyl floors are a major part of our portfolio. Check out the gallery for more details on what these projects look like when they’re done.

Contact us with any questions about putting together a quality job for your new flooring. You’ll enjoy making use of your new space with a smooth, clean and attractive vinyl floor, and building up your property value in the Port St. Lucie area. 


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