Reasons To Replace Your Existing Floor Tiles

Reasons To Replace Your Existing Floor Tiles

Most homeowners are on a never-ending search to make their residence more appealing and functional. When handled correctly, home improvements like new kitchen cabinets and tile flooring can add lots of value to your residence. If your home already has tile flooring, then you need to inspect it regularly to ensure no problems are present. The older tile flooring gets, the higher the risk becomes for damage to occur.

The average homeowner spends upwards of $9,000 on improvement projects annually. Replacing your worn tile flooring is crucial when trying to keep your home looking great. The following are some things you might notice when it is time to think about investing in new tile flooring.

Your Tiles Seem Unstable

Properly installing tiles is the only way to ensure they last. When homeowners try to handle the tile installation process on their own, they tend to make lots of mistakes. These mistakes can take the form of sloppy or unstable tile placement. If the tiles on your floor are incorrectly placed, they will be prone to break with even the slightest bit of weight.

Tiles that are loose also allow water to penetrate the subfloor underneath. This can lead to the development of mold over time, which is why address these tile instability issues is so important. The best way to fix this problem for good is by allowing professionals to install new tiles. Working with All Star Carpet and Tiles allows you to get new tile flooring installed quickly and correctly. Our team will go the extra mile to make sure your new flooring looks great and functions properly.

Some of Your Tiles Are Broken

Perhaps the most noticeable sign that new flooring is needed is the appearance of broken tiles. Things like uneven cement finishes can create tile damage over time. Common accidents involving heavy objects falling on the tiles can also create cracks. Over time, these cracks will grow in size. Rather than allowing the appeal your home has to suffer, you need to replace broken floor tiles immediately.

While new floor tiles can be costly, they are a sound investment. On average, homeowners see a 55% return on their investment in tile flooring. If you are planning on selling your home in the next few years, making these upgrades can help you turn a profit.

Issues With Scuffs and Stains

If you have tile flooring installed in high-traffic areas, it is only a matter of time before scuff marks and stains start to appear. In some cases, you can remove these imperfections with common household cleaners and some elbow grease. However, they may come a time when these stains and scuff marks are so widespread that replacing the tile is the best option. The initial cost of new tile flooring will pale in comparison to the long-term benefits they provide.

Are you experiencing any of the tile problems mentioned in this article? If so, it is time to think about replacing your existing tiles with the help of All Star Carpet and Tiles.

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