Flooring Matters, Choose What’s Right For Your Needs

Flooring Matters, Choose What’s Right For Your Needs

The floors of a home create the foundation of the lifestyle within it. The types of materials chosen to use as interior flooring can affect the enjoyment of our home and our budget.  There are many different types of flooring, each with its draws and drawbacks.

Most often, we purchase homes with existing flooring in place. Some homeowners decide to change the flooring in their home due to age and wear and tear or merely design aesthetics. If you are thinking of upgrading your existing flooring, consider these options to help you make the right decision for your lifestyle.


Arguably one of the most common types of flooring is carpet. There are many different carpets, but we’ll be talking about the broad term as most rugs have similar properties. Some of the benefits of carpet include providing an extra layer of warmth to a home due to its thermal resistance.

Carpets also provide a sense of comfort and are suitable for kids learning to walk as the surface is soft, less threatening. One of the main drawbacks of wall-to-wall carpet is how easily it may retain stains and dirt, making cleaning them sometimes challenging depending on the quality of the product. When choosing carpet for your home, consider the quality and the durability of the product you select, as the better the product, the longer you will enjoy it.

Hardwood Flooring

The flooring with the longest history of use in homes is hardwood. Hardwood floors are built to last, with many homes from a hundred years ago still containing their hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are also often sought after by buyers, and most houses with hardwood floors sell for more as they tend to be highly durable.

The main drawback of hardwood floors is the cost. Most hardwood floors are costly to install and can cost up to four dollars per square foot. They can also be noisy at times, especially for people a floor below you.

Vinyl Flooring

The final type of most popular flooring is vinyl. Vinyl flooring has increased quickly in popularity over the past decade, and there’s no question as to why. Not only are vinyl floors extremely cost-efficient, but they also require very little maintenance. Vinyl floors are straightforward to clean and can last a long time when taken care of properly.

Vinyl floors are less rigid than wood floors, meaning they are more comfortable to walk across. The only real drawback of vinyl floors is that they are hard to remove if you decide to change your flooring style.

Luckily, experienced flooring companies can provide you with the knowledge necessary to make the best choice of flooring for your home. Remember, the quality of any flooring you choose is essential to your satisfaction with the product.

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