Custom Kitchen Cabinets Vs. Stock Cabinets – 2023 Trends

Selecting cabinets for your kitchen requires mindful consideration, as they will be highly visible and have a significant impact on the aesthetic of the space. As you plan your new build or remodel, you must pick between custom and stock kitchen cabinets in Port St Lucie. Knowing the differences between them—as well as the latest trends in kitchen cabinet design—can help your decision-making, so you can choose the most aesthetically pleasing and functional additions to your space.


Stock cabinetry offers a number of advantages, such as speedy installation and cost-effectiveness. However, if you’re after detailed craftsmanship or specific features in your cabinets, it’s worth investing in custom kitchen cabinets, even though they can be pricier.


Why choose custom cabinets?


Stock cabinets are already manufactured and pre-assembled or ready to assemble. In contrast, custom kitchen cabinets in Port St Lucie are made-to-order and customizable to almost any shape, color, or size, making them more suitable for discerning homeowners who want a specific look and feel to their space. If you’re considering custom cabinets, make sure you’re working with a custom cabinet maker and installer that makes high-quality products worth your money and the wait.


Trends to consider


Spice up your kitchen by exploring the trendiest kitchen cabinets in Port St Lucie. Consider adding unique hardware and moldings, as well as ordering custom sizes to maximize every inch of available space. Custom cabinetry can be made with hidden compartments. You can even add charging stations, incorporate expandable or collapsible storage options, install hydraulics, and even include a built-in ladder for accessing those hard-to-reach upper shelves.


Going custom? Plan ahead


Cabinet installation can take some time to complete. Custom-made kitchen cabinets require more time and labor, especially if you are asking for specific features. Reputable installers are meticulous with their measurements and preparation. Be sure to clarify the installation timeline, so you know what to expect.

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