Are Carpet Tiles the More Modern Side of the Carpet World

Are Carpet Tiles the More Modern Side of the Carpet World?

If you’re planning to visit carpet stores in St. Lucie, then carpet tiles must have piqued your interest. You’ve probably heard that they offer many advantages. Carpet tiles have grown in popularity in recent years due to their modularity, which makes them perfect for high-traffic applications (such as classrooms and offices). But before making your purchase, it’s vital to have a better understanding of the advantages they offer.


So, what exactly are carpet tiles? Sometimes known as modular carpets and carpet squares, carpet tiles are essentially small swatches of carpet manufactured from broadloom carpets. Carpet tiles are available in a range of square sizes, planks, and various creative colors and shapes. They can also be combined in fun and creative ways.


Easy installation

Carpet tiles are a popular choice for architects, designers, and floor fitters because they are easier to install than other types of carpeting. For one, carpet tiles are lightweight. They are easy to lift and transport, making it easier to get them to the job site undamaged. Because they’re pre-backed, they can be installed directly onto the subfloor without an underlay.


Less waste

Very little cutting or adjustment is required for tiles to fit a specific area. Carpet tiles, therefore, produce very little waste, which is why it’s considered a more sustainable choice. Rooms with many nooks and odd angles are particularly well suited for this application.


Low maintenance

Carpet tiles are also easy to take care of. Simply remove them to clean or replace single tiles that are soiled or damaged. Because these tiles are small and modular, they don’t take up much room and can be readily stored. It’s a good idea to have some extras on hand so you can swap out tiles as needed.


The best carpet stores in St. Lucie will have a wide range of carpet tiles for you to choose from. They are happy to help you select the right carpeting products for your requirements.

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