Laminate and Vinyl floors – The Two Most Popular Flooring Options

Laminate and vinyl are among the best materials for attractive, economical, and durable flooring for your home or business. They are reasonably priced, come in different styles, and are quick and easy to install. You could even request vinyl plank flooring installation services from the reputable store where you purchase them.

At first glance and from a distance, both options may look the same. Although they overlap in several aspects, knowing their differences can help you pick the best flooring for your property. Here are some of their differences.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl planks are all synthetic, making them suitable anywhere. They are composed of a UV acrylic coating to protect from sun damage, a wear layer to safeguard against scratches, and a PVC layer for support and stability. The PVC core makes up the main body. Higher-quality ones have a built-in underlayment that provides a soft coating, which helps with uneven subfloors. Vinyl plank flooring installation services ensure the best results that prolong the material’s lifespan while ensuring a good-looking image layer.

Laminate flooring

Laminate has a clear aluminum oxide wear layer to prevent scratches, a core layer made of compressed wood fibers, and a soft, built-in underlayment for uneven subfloors. Like vinyl planks, laminate has similar aesthetics and installation methods. However, their core is made of resin-bonded woody byproducts. The top surface has a hard transparent plastic wear layer covering the printed design. Overall, the thickness ranges from 6mm to 12mm.

What makes them popular?

Laminate and vinyl floors offer a realistic, three-dimensional appearance that mimics natural materials like stone and hardwood. However, they cost significantly lower than natural flooring, making them ideal substitutes if you want something more affordable, durable, and low-maintenance. Reputable manufacturers even make them in designs resembling other materials like ceramics and porcelain.

Invest in high-quality laminate and vinyl plank flooring installation services to preserve their quality and ensure longevity. Installers can also advise you on which rooms to install them in. For instance, you may consider vinyl floors for almost every room at home, while laminate has limitations and may not be the best for bathrooms, mudrooms, and busy kitchens.

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